Does Owing Taxes Affect Buying a House?

Potential home buyers who owe taxes to the IRS may find it difficult to obtain financing from a mortgage lender. If you have unpaid taxes, the IRS can put a lien against your property or other assets; as a first lien holder, the IRS’s claim to your assets supersedes all other claims, making lending you…

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Tax Benefits: Truck Driver Tax Deductions Per Diem

per diem for truck drivers

If you are an owner-operator or self-employed truck driver, the IRS has made it easier for you to save money on the day-to-day expenses of traveling and the upkeep of your truck. Known as a “per diem rate,” those who qualify may be able to receive a tax break on uniforms, truck maintenance and more,…

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State Tax Returns for Non-Residents

state tax help

If you are a resident of one state but work in another or received some type of income in a state other than the one where you currently live, you may have to file a tax return in both states. Filing returns in both states won’t cause you to pay taxes twice. Thanks to a…

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