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We never forget that the reason you’re looking for a tax resolution or tax debt relief company is that you need help right now with a serious financial issue. You may have been tempted to call one of the companies that advertise heavily on TV or online (and that makes tax resolution sound fast and easy), but those companies will not have their clients’ best interests in mind. For the most affordable tax resolution possible—with the guidance and solution that’s right for your unique circumstances—the help of experienced tax professionals is essential.

At Key Tax Group, we’ve helped clients from around the country and have nearly four decades of combined experience. Regardless of how complex your tax issues are or what the specific circumstances of your tax debt situation may be, the tax experts at Key Tax Group have the knowledge and experience to deal with it. You’ll receive personal services from our attorneys, enrolled agents and support staff, each of whom work hard to find a solution that puts an end to your concerns.


We understand the extreme stress and worry that tax-related issues can cause, and how seriously your life can be affected by them both now and well into the future. You may be feeling threatened by aggressive actions such as bank levies and wage garnishes and uncertain of how to begin to solve your problems. Or you may have been notified of an audit and aren’t sure what it means.

Help is available: The attorneys, enrolled agents, and support staff at our full-service tax resolution firm are ready to help you deal with even the most complex tax issues. We will relieve you of the burden of dealing with the IRS or state tax agency by yourself, handling communications, gathering and creating any required documentation, guiding you through the process of resolving your tax problem, and ensuring your rights are fully protected.


Awesome From the Beginning

"He took the time to explain everything to me without marking me feel stupid. The process was easy, they took care of everything, all we had to do was sign a few forms and send back. Payment plan was set up within a few days and all the threatening letters stopped coming from the IRS. Last week we learned we were going to owe again this year. I immediately called Ron and he once again made me feel better about things right away and assured me he could restructure my loan agreement to include this year. So grateful to Ron and his team for all their help guiding us through a stressful situation."

-Tina J.

Highly Recommended

"Can't say enough good things about the Ron and Kelli. I didn't have any of my tax paperwork so I wasn't sure how I was supposed to do my taxes. They hlped me through it and got it all fixed. Anytime I called to see how things were looking they always answered and let me know what was going on. Would highly recommend Key Tax!"

-Grant H.

This Team is Phenomenal

"This team is phenomenal! I experienced an unexpected wage garnishment and contacted the team at Key Tax Group. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and worked extremely fast as well. They resolved my tax issue within 48 hours! I can not thank them enough for their expertise and compassion throughout the experience. They truly removed stress and anxiety in the way the communicated clearly, layed out the plan, and took swift action. Thanks again!"

-Ryan F.

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