Professional Tax Preparation Services

  • Experienced Federal and State Tax Agents
  • Receive the Maximum Refund Possible
  • Additional Services Such As Audit Representation
  • And Much More

Must meet qualifying criteria for possible reduction of debt

Key Tax Group Can Prepare Your Tax Returns

A professional tax preparer can not only get you the maximum tax refund possible, they can also help you deal with problems that arise if you are audited or have an unpaid tax debt. Key Tax Group offers services to help clients protect their assets and reduce their tax liability. We use every possible means to help you deal with the tax issues you are facing. You may have received notice of an IRS tax audit. You may want to file an IRS audit appeal, or you may discover that you owe back taxes. Key Tax Group is here to help you find solutions to your tax problems.

Tax Services Offered by Key Tax Group

We have experience offering the following tax services to clients across the United States:

  • Foreign bank account report (FBAR) filing
  • 940/941 payroll tax debt relief
  • Sales tax representation
  • State tax resolution
  • Streamlined IRS installment agreements
  • Offers-in-compromise (Fresh Start Program)
  • Audit reconsideration
  • Tax audit representation
  • Penalty abatement
  • Tax lien
  • Bank levies
  • Wage garnishments

Key Tax Group also assists clients with tax return preparation, payroll tax services, and state and local tax assistance. You may have problems regarding back taxes and need help communicating with the IRS. We have experience helping clients with a range of tax issues.

Tax Preparation Services

Tax law is divided into two main categories: state tax and federal tax. Some jurisdictions in the United States do not have an income tax, but every person in the country must pay federal income tax. Doing your taxes can become more complicated if you own many assets. Dealing with a tax audit or a tax appeal can be difficult without the assistance of a tax preparation lawyer.

The Internal Revenue Service may audit taxpayers to verify the accuracy of submitted tax documents. You may have submitted accurate information, but you need to take any IRS audit seriously. An individual may be chosen to undergo an IRS tax audit for the following reasons:

  • A filer may have had a business relationship with an individual or entity that underwent an IRS tax audit.
  • A computer algorithm may have chosen a specific filer for a tax audit.
  • Documents submitted to the IRS may have been flagged for various reasons.

A tax preparation attorney can help you avoid tax audits by making sure your taxes are filed in accordance with the law. The IRS is one of the most powerful governmental entities in the United States. Having a professional help you with your taxes can help you save money by avoiding tax problems in the future.

Tax Preparation for Business Owners

You may own a sole proprietorship or be a partner in a partnership or limited liability company. The following are some of the common taxes that businesses must pay:

  • Federal corporate income tax
  • Federal employment tax
  • Federal unemployment tax

Specific states also have corporate income taxes, sales taxes, and tangible personal property taxes, among others. The federal tax code is extremely complex, and having a professional tax preparer can help you deal with some of the confusing provisions of the internal revenue code. Your business may be a corporation, in which case a tax preparation lawyer can save you and your business money by taking advantage of provisions contained in the internal revenue code.

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Key Tax Group is here to help you with your tax preparation needs. You may have realized that your wages can be garnished or your bank account levied. Do not wait to take action about your tax problems. Contact Key Tax Group today for professional assistance with your tax preparation and tax debt relief needs.

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