IRS Streamlined Installment Agreement

  • Stop Harassing Phone Calls From
  • Aggressive Collectors
  • Avoid Tax Liens, Wage Garnishments, and Bank Levies
  • Pay Off Your Tax Debt and Achieve Your Financial Goals

Must meet qualifying criteria for possible reduction of debt

Is your financial future in jeopardy because of outstanding IRS tax debt? Are you afraid that your debt situation will spiral out of control, resulting in a wage garnishment, bank levy, or tax lien? Do you feel confused about your options and wish you had your own tax professional to help you navigate the complex and ever-changing tax code?

At Key Tax Group, our tax debt relief experts enrolled agents, and support team understand that the stress of having outstanding IRS debt can be overwhelming for our clients. Harassing phone calls from creditors and aggressive IRS agents who demand payment can make you live in fear of serious future debt collection activity. Tax liens, wage garnishments, and other actions can have crippling effects on nearly every aspect of your life, including your credit, job, and bank account.
We believe that tax debt doesn’t have to be the end of your financial dreams. If you qualify, we can help you get started with a streamlined IRS payment plan to eliminate your debt through a negotiated payment amount that you can afford. The streamlined IRS payment plan can be an excellent way for you to regain control over your finances without worrying about escalating collection activity.

How to Qualify for a Streamlined IRS Installment Agreement

Not everyone qualifies for an IRS installment agreement. Your unique tax situation will determine whether you qualify.
The IRS doesn’t make it easy to find out who qualifies and who doesn’t but the tax lawyers and support team here at Key Tax Group know how to assess your circumstances and give you the clear, direct answers you need.

Here’s how to qualify for a streamlined installment agreement with the IRS:

  • The aggregate balance of unpaid assessments must be $50,000 or less. This includes tax, assessed penalties and interest, and other assessments, but not accrued interest or penalties.
  • If you have pre-assessed taxes, add that liability to your unpaid assessments. The total must be $50,000 or less.
  • You must have filed all tax returns required by the IRS.

We know that tax questions, especially when you have tax debt, can cause anxiety in your life. In fact, the entire process of qualifying and requesting a payment plan can be extremely stressful. The support team, enrolled agents, and tax lawyers at Key Tax Group understand what you’re going through, and we’re here to help. For a FREE, no-obligation consultation, call us today. Or, if you prefer, contact us online and we’ll help you find your path to debt freedom.

If you’d like to learn more before you call, read our FAQ section below. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get from clients.

Streamlined Installment Agreement FAQs

Our tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and support staff work continually to stay abreast of current tax law because it’s our job to provide clients with the best possible advice.

While these FAQs are current at the time of posting, they could have changed in the meantime. That’s why we suggest calling one of our team members for current information on the types of IRS payment plans available to you for your specific tax situation. But as a starting point and general guide, here are answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

Stop tax liens and pay off your debt with the streamlined IRS payment plan.

The streamlined IRS payment plan is a method for paying off tax debts under $50,000. For those who qualify, their debt is paid off completely and, once enrolled, there is no further risk of liens being filed against you

If you want to avoid using your hard-earned money in the bank to pay off your debt in its entirety, or live in fear of having a tax lien filed against you, the streamlined IRS payment plan can help you realign your finances without fear of the situation worsening.

Key Tax Group: Smarter, Easier Tax Debt Relief

At Key Tax Group, we understand that dealing with IRS debt is a stressful experience. Aggressive agents can try to demand you make payments that are well outside of your budget and, if you don’t pay, you could be faced with further collection activity such as wage garnishments, bank levies, and tax liens. That’s why we work hard to ensure that you are given the lowest monthly payment allowable by law. Our tax professionals have up-to-date knowledge of current tax law and code, as well as special programs not known to the general public, to ensure that our clients have the best rates, the best information, and the best chance of success.

Financial freedom from IRS tax debt with Key Tax Group

Don’t take on the IRS alone: Let the tax professionals at Key Tax Group help you pay off your debt and achieve your financial goals with the streamlined IRS payment plan. To get started on your path to becoming debt-free, call us or fill out the form at the top for a free consultation today.